Frequently asked questions


What is the best time to visit Botswana?

All months in Botswana are beautiful. March, April, May are the months after the rainy season, therefore you will see lush and green surroundings. The months April & May usually have a very comfortable climate. And although April and May are basically our fall season, some birds’ nest and have young ones. Normally our busy season goes from June/ July to approx. October. In those months it is dry season in Botswana and particularly good time to see animals, in the National Parks and sometimes even on the side of the road. The months Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, and Feb are our summer months and can be very hot/ warm. The rain should/ could come from approx. Nov, but there is no guarantee. Nov and Dec can be attractive because a lot of the animals have their baby’s and there are a lot of summer residents in terms of birds coming to Botswana. Nov, Dec, Jan, and Feb are quiet months, so more exclusive (read: not so busy).

What language is spoken in Botswana?

English and Setswana are the main languages.



Is Maun/ Botswana safe?

We regard Maun/ Botswana as safe! Be “streetwise” and you will have the same experience ?


What is the currency of Botswana?

Botswana’s currency is called Pula’s/BWP. You can get BWP fairly easy from the ATM’s throughout the country. You can use your Visa, MasterCard in most supermarkets, petrol stations, shops, and restaurants. Most activities / tours/ day trips prefer to be paid in cash.

Some businesses charge an extra % in order to cover their costs they pay to the bank for a speed point/ Point Of Sale/ Credit Card device.

Is Botswana a malaria risk area?

The World Health Organization and your local practitioner/ doctor can advise you what pills, injections, precautions to take when visiting Botswana.

From experience we can tell you that the months June, July and Aug are usually a bit cold (for mosquitoes). The other months mosquitoes are definitely there …. But good precautions should protect you already a lot.

Good precautions are mosquito repellent, long trousers and sleeve shirts made of light material and use of mosquito nets.